Inclusive Talent Strategy Event: How to attract and secure diverse STEM talent





Inclusive Talent Strategy Event: How to attract and secure diverse STEM talent
25 Jan 2016

Inclusive Talent Strategy Event: How to attract and secure diverse STEM talent

A company’s success is as much about its employees as it is about the quality of its product or service. Yet, for STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) industries in particular, attracting and retaining highly-skilled and diverse professionals in an age of immense competition is proving to be an increasingly difficult task.

With regards to gender, the figures are frightening – In Singapore only 29.57 percent of professionals in this field are women, way behind other countries such as Finland (32.25 percent) and Norway (36.2 percent) (Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development).

Anecdotal research also shows that young girls are unaware of opportunities in typically male-dominated careers, such as those within the STEM industries and, as a result are not inclined to pursue careers in these areas (Singapore Committee for UN Women).

STEM companies need to ensure that they create diverse and inclusive working environments, yet many companies are struggling to find ways to improve their diversity ratios.

This is why Phaidon International and Girls2Pioneers have partnered to host an Inclusive Talent Strategy evening entitled “How to attract and secure diverse STEM talent”. This event and panel discussion seeks to not only address this issue but also devise solutions to help reduce the gender diversity gap within STEM.

Hosted at Facebook’s Singapore HQ on Feb 24th, the event will open with a keynote presentation from PwC Digital Business Leader, Greg Unsworth, followed by a debate panel of key diversity and inclusion advocates from across the STEM industries.  

Moderated by Clair Deevy, Head of Economic Growth Initiatives at Facebook, the debate panel includes: Virginia Cha, Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Insead; Bianca Stringuini, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at J. P. Morgan Asia Pacific; James Stanbridge, VP at Declara; Jacqueline Rolf, Advisor of Inclusive Leadership and Diversity; and Agnes Tan, Head of Human Resources at Lend Lease Asia.

During the evening these key industry figures will be sharing their expertise, discussing their career experiences and answering questions from the audience.

If you are a woman working in STEM, or are a company looking to hire more female talent, join us at this Inclusive Talent event. Visit for more details and to register your place today.

This event is part of a wider series of events hosted by Phaidon International that aims to bring together Hiring Managers and industry professionals to address industry pipeline challenges in STEM. Visit for more information about this series of events. 

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